About Specialty Hospital - Jacksonville

For the Best Outcomes in Long Term Acute Care

Welcome To Specialty Hospital! We are a fully licensed and accredited , long-term acute care hospital … the only one of its kind in Jacksonville Florida and one of approximately 300 in the nation. Our patients are in need of extended hospital stays and have complex medical conditions. Our focus is on a patient’s total recovery and it is one of the factors that set us apart. Patients at Specialty Hospital often are very ill. They have been in a traditional hospital, but need more extensive care to help them recover fully. We specialize in patients who have suffered from multiple issues, such as respiratory failure, infectious diseases, severe wounds, and brain or spinal cord injuries. Our goal is to achieve fully integrated healing. To this end, Specialty Hospital’s resources are complemented by affiliations with community physicians from nearly every medical discipline. We have nearly 250 physicians on staff at our facility.

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